Looking for a handyman in Rib Mountain?

If you need home carpentry or handyman work in Rib Mountain you’ve found your guy. Local carpenter and handyman Mark Hastreiter has been serving customers all around Wisconsin for over thirty years. We’re reliable, trustworthy, and affordable for any home improvement project. Click the links below to see before and after photos of work we’ve done here in Rib Mountain.

Here are some of the services we offer.

Long thought to be the tallest point in Wisconsin, Rib Mountain has long been a hot destination for people from all over Wisconsin. At 1,924 feet and a huge 4 miles long Rib Mountain supports some great ski slopes in the winter. During the summer the hiking trails come alive with deer, turkeys, raccoons, and all sorts of other wildlife.

With a population of 6,825 the town of Rib Mountain is dwarfed by neighboring Wausau. Rib Mountain is ever increasingly a very popular area to move to due to its unique combination of nature, convenience, and entertainment. There’s something magical about cruising down Rib Mountain Drive toward Wausau with the Wisconsin River on your right and Rib Mountain on your left.