Experienced and Skilled Painters in Madison

Gold Coast House Painters - Painting a living room in Palm Beach Queensland - Before and After Pictures

Is your home looking dull and dated? Is your house in need of a refreshing coat of paint? We can help you solve this issue. Our team of painters in Madison are experienced and skilled. We can handle any kind of painting work you need – regardless the surface or placement we can handle it. So if you’re looking for a highly skilled painter to come and give your home a vibrant and sophisticated painting – give us a call for a free, no-obligation estimate. We paint interior walls, ceilings, trim and molding, siding, gutters, doors, and anything else you need! Give us a call or submit a request online for a free estimate.

Let us give your home the facelift it deserves!

Before our painters begin their work on your painting project they’ll first sit down with you and discuss your project in detail. Speaking of detail, one of the reasons our painters are so good at what they do is because they are sticklers for detail. They are perfectionists and won’t lay sloppy tape lines, overspray, paint runs, or the homeowners nightmare: dripping paint on the floor. Their careful attention to detail will leave your home looking like new again inside and out. Only after the painters have consulted with you and understand the requirements of your job will they begin the work.

It isn’t wise to cheap out on painting supplies. Low grade paint can chip, flake, discolor, bubble, and fade in a very short time period. That’s why Badger Handyman uses only high quality painting supplies so that your home will stay looking great for years to come. Did we mention that our prices are incredibly affordable? Call us or submit a request online for a free estimate.

Living room house painting before and after photo - Palm Beach Queensland

Reinvigorating Your Home With Color

Replacing and repainting a door in the Gold Coast - Best Coast Handyman Services

Beyond our high quality paint work there are many reasons to work with Badger Handyman over other painters on your next project:

  • Comprehensive range of painting and decoration services
  • Consultation on color choices for your home
  • Been thinking about changing a wall layout? Right before painting is the perfect time to remodel or add/remove walls. Our carpenters can do that.
  • Help to customize your interior to suit your personality
  • Our painting team travels well, we mainly service the Madison area but are happy to travel to you

Whatever it is you need painted, walls, ceiling, doors, interior or exterior, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call or submit a request online for a free quote today.